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For 20 years and counting, Shendopen remains dedicated to the art of visual storytelling through independent filmmaking and

video production services.


Started by Michael Williams in 2004, Shendopen has grown from making videos on Hi8 tapes with friends to producing internationally distributed feature films, award-winning short films, and hundreds of commercial, corporate, and promotional video and photography projects for a wide range of clients from around the country. 

The Storyteller


As an artist, I want to tell a story.  With a camera, I am able to translate a message, capture an emotion, and explore stories and ideas that must be realized visually through moving images. Whether I am making a film or producing a video project for a client, I use my cinematic voice to not only tell a story but create a compelling experience. The camera and everything captured through it are my tools to effectively tell a story, promote a message, or create a memorable and meaningful experience for the viewer. Even as a writer, I want to create a visual experience that makes an impact on the reader through what they see and feel from the words on the page.


Storytelling isn't just a passion for me. It is something I am compelled to do. I have an urge to tell stories and express ideas visually through my own projects and projects for other people. 


Michael Williams

Owner and founder of Shendopen Productions, LLC

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