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Shendopen offers quality video production services for a wide range of clients and budgets. If you or your business has a video production need, Shendopen will use its experience and expertise to create an end product that will stand out.


Contact me today to discuss your project and how Shendopen can bring it to life.

Commercial Production - Promotional Videos Corporate Videos - Slideshows - Marketing Videos 

 Event Videography - Social Media Content - and more



With over 19 years of filmmaking experience, Shendopen not only produces its own short and feature film content, but it also partners with other filmmakers, producers, and productions to provide crew, gear, and other resources. 

Whether you're just needing an experienced cinematographer or needing crew and production resources for your project, contact me today.


music video


From conceptualization to production, Shendopen can use its award-winning experience to create a uniquely stunning music video. 

Shendopen can also create the entire branding surrounding your song, album, and video release to create a professional and cohesive aesthetic

for you and your music. 



I have a passion for sharing my experience and knowledge with others. I provide educational opportunities and workshops on film production, cinematography, and photography for all ages.


Contact me to discuss how you, your school, or organization can create a workshop, guest lecture, or a one-on-one tutoring session.


Thriving as an Independent Filmmaker:

A candid and informative discussion providing you with the tools, advice, and insight into succeeding in the film industry and achieving your goals.

Storytelling as a Cinematographer:

Learning the basic tools of cinematography and how to use them to implement a creative vision that is motivated by a film's story and characters in a way that compliments the storytelling process. 

The Basics of Photography

Learn how to make the most out of your DSLR, take advantage of natural and budget light sources, and compose striking images to thrive as a beginning and intermediate photographer.  

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